Quality management

Quality management

We manufacture our products on a modern, 2.40m wide paper machine. This allows us to achieve a high level of process reliability, comprehensible processes and thus uniform high quality standards. However, complying with the standards is not the only thing important to us. For more security, we also use internal quality controls according to standardised test schedules and specifications, as well as continuous, internal company training and education of our employees.

Certified secure

DIN EN ISO 9001 certified.

Environmental management

Environmental management

Do you want sustainably produced, high quality products? At Papeteries du Rhin we always have an eye on these requirements. We focus on the quality and environmental friendliness of our products – our customers can be sure of this. We rely on an active environmental management. Thus, we strive for an efficient use of the natural resources, and ensure there is a reduction in the environmental impacts from noise, exhaust gases, formation of dust and wastewater. Moreover, our core board comprises 100 % waste paper and can be fully recycled.

We are moving at full speed for the environment

Since 2015 we have been obtaining around 80 % of our steam from the combustion of domestic waste. How does this work? Through a cooperation with the joint board of the Region Mulhouse and the French Agency for Energy Management. Together we have financed a steam pipeline network of roughly twelve-hundred metres from the domestic waste incinerator and our core board plant. Through this network we receive 52 gigawatt hours of heat energy a year in our factory – environmentally friendly energy, with which we reduce our CO2emissions by 75 %.

In addition, the pipeline has another positive effect for us: It serves as a transport pipe for the used water from the paper mill to the municipal sewage plant, which is located directly next to the domestic waste incinerator. This means we do not need our own plant, the sewage plant is fully loaded and the used water is cleaned according to the latest technical standards.

Certified sustainable

Environment certification according to ISO 14001.

Energy management

Energy management

For us, an effective energy management is duty and choice at the same time. We want to maintain our position on the market and at the same time protect the environment. Which is why we rely on sustainable energy-saving and environmentally friendly production. Together with our employees, we are developing systematic energy-saving measures across all areas of the company. For example, the energy consumption in our plants and processes is regularly measured and reviewed in order to determine energy-saving potential in the production of our core board and to optimise this accordingly.

Thus, you can be sure: If you decide to work together with us, you will receive products that are manufactured sustainably, energy-saving and eco-friendly.

Silos on site in Illzach, France

Investment for quality, environment and energy efficiency

With several investments in additional storage capacity and in production facilities, we have modernised our location in Illzach, France, and we are well positioned for the future. All of these measures aimed at improving quality, environment and energy efficiency.

Visible from afar is the new 21-metre-high silo for stocking of 150 tonnes of starch. With it, we not only acquire more flexibility in production but also ease the burden on the region with regard to truck transport at the weekend.

Additional measures were the modernisation of the dryer section allowing for further reduction of energy consumption, improvements at the rewinder as well as further automation of the packaging line. It reduces work by machine operators leaving them free to complete other duties. 

ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management

Our company is ISO 45001 certified. This certification confirms that we at Papeteries du Rhin live an effective occupational health and safety management.

The identification and motivation of our employees is enhanced through the integration of the occupational health and safety protection, while at the same time safety awareness is increased.