steadily for the past few years The initials PDR are known across Europe to stand for premium quality core board boasting ply bond strengths of 400 to 1 000 joules in all of the customary grammages and with thicknesses between 0 5 and 0 8 millimetres Aside from the high quality of its product Papeteries du Rhin is highly regarded for its environment friendliness with sustainable production techniques and sparing use of valuable natural resources a priority Already since 2015 the plant in Illzach has sourced about 80 percent of the steam it needs from burning household garbage This environmentally friendly source of energy enabled a reduction in carbon emissions of 75 percent Independence as a principle means planning reliability for our paper core plants Delivery reliability customer orientation and trans parency are the hallmarks of our business activities Our paper mills guarantee the supply of core board for our paper core plants regardless of develop ments in the market Smart planning tools combined with networked pro duction systems in our paper core plants allow us to commit to delivery quantities and deadlines immedi ately upon inquiry by the customer Our cutting edge systems produce our paper core products at a uni formly high standard of quality whether they are man ufactured in Europe or in Asia In other words if one of our plants should receive more orders than it can handle alone we can utilise free production capacity at any other location as a fall back option without having to compromise on quality or punctuality All of our plants are certified according to ISO 9001 The new investments in Carl Macher GmbH Co KG in Brunnenthal Germany were completed in time for its 200th anniversary Let the future come L O O K i n s i d e

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