Dear customers dear readers About two years ago we invited you along with us on a flight into the future Our pres ence at the FACHPACK trade fair in 2019 was titled Flight 2025 Developing the Future So much has happened since then At the time you accompanied us on a tour of our plants around the world Our little paper plane took off from Germany stop ping in other European countries before flying all the way to Asia During the flight we presented to you some of the future facing investments we have made mod ernising and upgrading all of our plants with high tech production facilities fully automated warehouses sophisticated logis tics models ERP systems shipping con tracts and sustainable production processes These investments have already begun to pay off by allowing us to guarantee the supply availability and deliverability of our products and the security of our data Our resources are secured It filled us with pride to announce We produce our best resource ourselves our paper Over the past two years we have invested tens of millions in outfitting our two paper mills Carl Macher GmbH Co KG and Papeteries du Rhin with cutting edge machinery and logistics environmental management systems No one could have predicted the significance these measures would have in the face of extreme resource scarcity Our word is our bond Our steady partner for logistics is the Geis Group with which we have not only signed firm contracts but also implemented a so phisticated logistics system With a digitised supply chain to allow highly efficient opti mised processes we have reached a new level of quality in our supply chain logistics You are safe in our hands Our IT infrastructure not only guarantees the security and availability of our data and that of our customers it also provides a secure space for communicating via e mail or video call We would like to invite you to go on another little journey with us The first edition of our new publication Look inside marks the beginning of a new series of regular behind the scenes glimpses of the world of Paul Co where a lot is happening and we are actively driv ing change We would have loved to tell you all about it in person over a cup of coffee or a glass of Sangiovese at our trade fair booth but here too we put safety first We hope you enjoy reading Yours truly The team at Paul Co One step ahead of future developments

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