In our systems in the cloud Over the past few years cyber crime and data theft have become more and more common Nearly 90 percent of German companies have been the target of attacks on IT systems A study by the German IT business association Bitkom estimated the annual damage at a total of 102 9 billion euros Talking on a secure line Communication with our customers is no less secure in video with Paul Co having imple mented a state of the art video conferencing solution across all of its locations The system is compatible with all kinds of video terminal devices including laptops mobile devices and built in room facilities Customers and employees alike log in to attend meetings and communicate in HD video and high quality audio This system is tailored to our needs and even allows uploading presentations for all conference participants in a secure environment End to end encryption was a top priority in the implementation Always up to date Our internal IT security task force is always looking for ways to improve optimise and upgrade our security guidelines to ensure that we are always up to date All measures are controlled using Plan Do Check Act a classic quality management approach We are already planning further investments in weak point analysis with our IT security service provider Technical security analyses and penetration testing are key components of any sustainable IT security strategy finding weak points and holes in security before an attacker is able to exploit them L O O K i n s i d e

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